Saturday, November 24, 2007

Interactive ad For Ford Ikon Music Ikool

No need to be upset ..... i m not gonna discuss anything about Ford Ikon
But the interactive campaign created for Ford Ikon Music Ikool (their new variant of Ford Ikon) for Internet, and the way they are targetting the visitors is really superb.Which forced me to write a post dedicated to this...... Ok let me tell you ....

Just now i logged in Yahoo Messenger using my id and just after logging, i got Yahoo Messenger Insider pop up and Ford Ikon Music Ikool Flashy ad on the bottom left of the pop up.
To see the future's of Ford Ikon Music of this you have to wipe the ad using your mouse (this is what i called intereactivity) and finaly a Know More link.

Hat's off to the agency who created this and spread it on internet




At 4:56 AM, Blogger Nikhil said...

hey bhaskar sounds exciting , wanna c that ad, unluckily it didnt flash on my yahoo pop up........please do let me know if u c it somewhere else as well......


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