Thursday, October 12, 2006

SEO Factor's

while doing the SEO for a particular website i used to check to following points ::

1.Title of web page
2.Keyword density
3.Distance beetween keywords
4.Header(H1,H2 Etc) Tags
5.ALT Tags
6.Number of Back Links
7.Anchor Text
8.PR of Back Links
9.Keyword in Domain Name
10.Domain Booking Date
11.Domain Expiry Dates
12.Log Files
13.Visitor Trends on web site
14.Location of business
15.Meta Tags
16.RSS Feeds
17.Updation of web page
18.Navigation of the web site
19.Static and Dynamic
20.IP Address whether static or Dynamically assigned
21.Downloading time
22.Connection Speed from where we are shooting the search query
23.Previous search history
24.Adwords Advertiser
25.Adsense enabled site or not
26.Number of outgoing link
27.Subscribed to other Google Service like (Sitemap , Analytics , Google Base)
28.Redirection Method (If Used)
29.Robots.txt file is available or not.
30.Directory Structure of server.
31.Any incoming link from blogs.
32.Protocol is HTTP or HTTPS
33.Logical Calculation ( Related to the keywords )
34.Size of the Image
35.Acceleration of link popularity
36.Site Up Time
37.Font Size of the keyword
38.Domain Name Category (.com, .edu or .org)
39.Domain Name Length
40.W3C Validation
41.CSS Used or Not
42.Out Going Links
43.Used the URL in Google Talk or Not
44.Product Based or Service Based website.
45.Can do the shopping online on the website or not.
47.Doctype of the page
48.Flash Content on the website
49.Grammers of the content
50.Spelling Mistakes
51.Stopping words like . , : ; etc.

And after this you will find your ranking going up.


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